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Health Facts about Strawberries – 7 Facts You Still Don’t Know

strawberriesOatmeal advertisements often put strawberries on top of their cooked products to entice consumers. The same thing goes for some breakfast cereals and chocolate dips that make these red plump tiny treats as part of their marketing strategy. Little did the consumers know that strawberries aren’t only pretty and sweet, they’re healthy and practical too.

Many scientists have been marveling about the wonders of strawberries. Studies show that the acidic contents of these succulent berries have great benefits aside from giving vitamins and nutrients needed by our body. Here are just some of the facts you need to know about the strawberries you love to eat:

  • They give you whiter teeth. Ever heard of strawberries and baking soda as teeth cleaner? Try it. Put 1 large strawberry in a blender together with ½ teaspoon of baking soda and blend well. You can also mash the strawberry using a fork and mix the baking soda in. Use it like toothpaste and spread it on to your teeth gently. Leave it for 3-6 minutes and cleanse your teeth with water afterwards. Just make sure you brush your teeth with your preferred commercial toothpaste after so there won’t be strawberry stain or taste left.
  • Strawberries also prevent constipation and even colon cancer because they wash away harmful toxins in our intestines.
  • Strawberry consumption also increases memory.
  • Strawberry has antioxidants that protect our immune system. So try a strawberry dipped in melted chocolate for a double boost of disease-fighting antioxidants.
  • These red berries also keep our eyes bright. Studies on eyesight reveals that eating at least 5 strawberries a day could keep your vision clear.
  • Pregnant women may also get a good amount of folic acid from eating strawberries.

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